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CPEN, Educational Centre

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Universitat de Barcelona
Universitat de Barcelona
“CPEN – Clinica sagrada família’s endocrinology team” was certified on August 2019 as a Centre of excellency for the treatment of Obesity by The European Association for the study of Obesity (EASO). In this context we have begun a collaboration with “The imperial weight centre”, part of the Imperial College of London.

Specialized Medical Units

Who we are?

CPEN SL was founded 25 years ago with the intention of offering comprehensive care and excellence in the field of Endocrinology and Nutrition.

Currently we are 28 professionals, distributed in 4 medical centers and organized in a multidisciplinary way (endocrinologists, pediatricians,
nutritionists, diabetes educators, psychologists, physical preparers and sonographers) to attend all stages of life, attending more than 4000 visits per month.

Linked to several universities and with a teaching vocation, we try to be in the front line in research projects, especially in the non-invasive treatments of thyroid nodules and also in the area of Obesity and Nutrition, becoming the first private management unit accredited by EASO in Catalonia.

Dietetics, nutrition and diabetes education

Coming soon…

My first endocrinology book

Mònica Peitx, MD is a paediatrician specialized in Endocrinology and Nutrition. In 2008 he wrote her first short story aimed at overweight and obese children: The Tale of Max. It was followed by The tale of aina, about Diabetes, and The tale of quim, which talks about height. With “Mia grows up” Dr. Peitx changes gears and instead of talking about another medical disorder she writes about a physiological and fascinating process: feminine puberty; and has won the Crítica Serra D’Or, 2017 and Jaume Aiguader i Miró awards for the dissemination of healthy habits, knowledge and education, 2017.

mia i bru (EN)

Mía y Bruno crecen sanos

Mia and Bru
grow healthily

Nutrition & Obesity

mia (EN)

Mía se hace mayor. Para saber más sobre la pubertad de las niñas

grows up


bru (EN)

Para saber más sobre la pubertad de los niños

grows up


quim (EN)

El cuento de Quim. Para saber más sobre la talla baja

The tale
of Quim


aina (EN)

El cuento de Aina. Para saber mas sobre la Diabetes Mellitus 1

The tale
of Aina


max (EN)

El cuento de Max. Para saber más sobre Obesidad Infantil

The tale
of Max


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Scientific activity


Prefronto-cerebellar neuromodulation affects appetite in obesity.


Clinical Research

Pituitary and growth hormone

GH deficiency in patients with spinal cord injury: efficacy/safety of GH replacement, a pilot study

Pituitary Gland


Adrenal Gland

Circulatory Immune Cells in Cushing Syndrome: Bystanders or Active Contributors to Atherometabolic Injury? A Study of Adhesion and Activation of Cell Surface Markers

Adrenal Gland

Research Article